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Support FireFly Visual Designer for PowerBASIC and FreeBASIC owners.
FireFly Visual Designer Version 3
...for FreeBASIC compilers
FireFly Visual Designer is a rapid application development environment for the FreeBASIC computer language. FireFly accelerates the development of your Windows 32-bit and 64-bit programs. All the speed of "C" with the rapid application development time of Visual Basic.

No runtime DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) of any kind. Every FireFly created application is totally self-contained and does not require any supporting DLLs to be distributed.

Choose from almost 200 internal functions that make combining your code with TreeViews, ListViews, Labels, Command Buttons, TabControls, ProgressBars, etc... extremely easy. You can code entire applications without any Win32 API knowledge.

Modular Code. FireFly allows the programmer to "attach" code to individual window's messages that are destined for the controls that you create. Separating the code for each control allows for highly maintainable code and discourages the use of bug causing global variables. The code editor is "built in" - no need to shell back and forth between a designer and a code editor.

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