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JellyFish Pro Editor - for PowerBASIC

The Ultimate PowerBasic Programmer's Editor!

JellyFish Pro is a next generation editor specifically designed for PowerBasic programmers. Jellyfish Pro works with PB/WIN, PB/DLL, PB/CC and even PB/DOS. One editor for all PB programming languages - easy, no fuss, simple to use. Increase your productivity instantly!

Serving the editing needs of the PowerBASIC community for over 9 years!

Download: (400K)

FreeBASIC version is available here.
Create plugins that work seemlessly with the JellyFish Pro Editor. A comprehensive author's kit is now available. If you have always wanted to extend JellyFish Pro to suit your own needs then it is now possible. Take a look at the JellyFish Pro Plugins for more details and to download the JellyFish Pro Plugin Author's Kit.

Pro boasts an impressive list of features:
~ Lynx Project Explorer integration.
~ CodeTips that popup with language syntax (similar to IntelliSense™).
~ Utility to automatically create user-defined CodeTips.
~ Special Code Analyzer that finds problems in your code.
~ F1 context sensitive help for the PowerBasic™ compiler and Win32.
~ Fully customizable.
~ Popup Function List - display all subs/functions from the current active source file or from all open source files.
~ Split screens.
~ Bookmarks that are saved across sessions.
~ Syntax highlighting (Upper, Lower and Mixed case).
~ Project Management.
~ Auto-detect external modifications.  (great for working with PowerBasic's PBForms™).
~ Drag and drop editing.
~ True MDI interface or convenient "tabs" interface.
~ Column mode (activated by pressing "Ctrl" key and dragging with the mouse).
~ Block commenting of sections of code.
~ Block indenting of code.
~ Associate file extensions to automatically invoke Jellyfish Pro.
~ User-defined files (*.hlp, *.chm, or *.exe) can be added to the Help menu.
~ Intellimouse support.
~ Optional line numbering.
~ and much more!

Please note that JellyFish Pro Editor fully functional Freeware. Please read the License.txt file that is included in the download package.

FreeBASIC version is available here.

Lynx Project Explorer integration
Jellyfish Pro was designed from the ground up to integrate closely with Zippety Software's Lynx Project Explorer. No other editor on the market works as well with Lynx than Jellyfish Pro. It is an unbeatable combination! If you do not own Lynx, then why wait? Enhance your programming and get things done faster and simpler. Get Lynx from

Project Management
Jellyfish Pro allows you to create and maintain groups of files that represent a project. Projects allow you to better organize your source code by creating logical groupings of files. When you load a project, all of the associated files are automatically loaded into the editor. This process is extremely fast due to Jellyfish Pro's background loading.

As you add and remove files from your project, Jellyfish Pro automatically tracks the changes for you. The position where you are located in each file is maintained in the project file so when the project is later loaded all files are restored to the same positions they were when you last edited your files. Similarly, any bookmarks placed in the file are saved and automatically restored when the file is loaded. Whenever you load a Jellyfish Pro project your editing environment will be exactly the same as you previously left it.

Function List
Jellyfish Pro has a special Function List that can be activated by pressing the "F4" key (or by selecting the menu item or toolbar icon). The Function List generates a listing of all subroutines and functions in your source code allowing you to easily navigate among them. There is also the option to display subs/functions from all files that are currently open in the editor.

Simply click on a sub/function name and you will be positioned in the sub/function. The Function List window can be resized and positioned anywhere on the screen. The size and position is saved between sessions so you can customize its look and feel once and never have to so it again.

Jellyfish Pro uses popup tooltips to display "code tips". Programmers familiar with Microsoft development products will recognize these as "Intellisense" tips. When you type a keyword, a popup list of available parameters for the function/sub will be displayed with the current parameter highlighted. To destroy the CodeTip, press the "Escape" key or move off the current line. The CodeTip is also destroyed when the closing parenthesis is pressed ")". Simple!.
JellyFish Pro Editor Plugins

Now you can extend the functionality of the JellyFish Pro Editor in any way you can imagine. By using the PlugIn Author's Kit, you can create new innovative tools that will add extra tools to the Editor. The PlugIn Author's Kit is a self-contained collection of source code and Help files that will guide you through the creation of a PlugIn. PlugIns are very easy to design and install in the JellyFish Pro Editor. Kickstart your creativity today!

Once you have developed a PlugIn, you can share it with the rest of the JellyFish Pro community. Featured below are existing JellyFish Pro PlugIns that you are free to download and use.

A special thanks goes out to long time JellyFish Pro supporter and friend, Bruce Brown, without whom Plugins would not have become a reality. Bruce contributed a tremendous amount of time and effort in constructing large portions of the Author's Kit and developing the first JellyFish Pro Plugins. Bruce, job well done!!!

JellyFish Pro Editor - PlugIn Author's Kit (Contains all of the files needed to create PlugIns) (Download: 179K)

(Note: All PlugIns must be placed in a sub-directory called "PlugIns" located just below the directory where JellyFish Pro was installed).

ADO_Plugin - Generate PB Source Code using ADO to Connect to a database. This is a minimum ADO Skeleton code generator. It allows you to create the connection string, pick a table and fields and then generates code based on your choices. If you need it for more than one table then keep GenADO open and generate more source code based on the new choices and copy/paste into JellyFish.
(Author: Sean Roe, January 29, 2004). (35K)

AIC - AIC checks the currently active source file for the #resource line, extracts the name of the .pbr file and then increases the file version and product version by one. Automatically invoked via F5 compile.
(Author: Balthasar Indermuehle, March 19, 2003). (16K)

ChrInsert - Allows the user to select from an ASCII list of characters. The character is inserted in the editor at the current editing position.
(Author: Bruce R. Brown, January 20, 2003). (16K)

DateStamper - Insert on the first line of the active file the date and time. It is stored in a constant called $Last_Modified. If $Last_Modified exists only the date and the time are updated. Source code is provided.
(Author: Bert Mercier, February 9, 2003). (14K)

DBFgen - Inserts subroutines that will create DBF's using the Cheetah Database System. The inserted text is based on DBF structures that you have created. This provides a quick and easy way to code the create database routines to recreate your deployed DBF's. The plugin can create one or many DBF's at once.
(Author: Robert Kantor, updated March 18, 2003). (88K)

Don Ewald's Collection of Plugins - Various Plugins written and maintained by Don can be found at

IncLookup (updated to version 1.41)- Creates a hotkey that can search all your include files for definitions of constants, types, functions, or subs. It does this by first searching all of your include files (which you define in the options) and creates an index for each item it finds. Then you can just press the hotkey (which you also define in the options) and it will display the text for that item directly from your include file.
(Author: William Burns, December 16, 2003). (44K)

JellyPeek - Allows user to preview the first few hundred bytes of a file and then choose to load that file into JellyFish Pro.
(Author: Bruce R. Brown, January 20, 2003). (19K)

JFSpell - Checks the spelling of source code. It does this by first finding all text in-side of "double-quotes". (which is generally everything we want to check) Then it sends each word To MS Word's spell checker via a COM interface. If it finds a misspelling, it will highlight that word in JellyFish (so you can see where it is) and it will display a list of alternate words to choose from. If you choose a alternate word from the list, it will replace the incorrect one with your choice. Note: This program requires MS Word. (it uses word for the spell checking) I have tested this with both MS Office 97 and MS Office XP.
(Author: William Burns, June 14, 2004). (87K)

KeywordEdit - Allows the user to edit the Keywords files that JellyFish uses for syntax highlighting. The Keywords files are the regular ASCII text files located in the JellyFish program directory and they have file extensions of *.dat. Using this PlugIn saves you from having to manually edit the text files.
(Author: Bruce R. Brown, updated December 4, 2003). (24K)

PBFormat - Formats PowerBasic source code. Options are available to control the formatted source output.
(Author: Bruce R. Brown, January 20, 2003). (19K)

SysReport - Creates a report outlining system information for the user's computer. This information is useful for troubleshoorting end-user problems. The report is
automatically loaded into JellyFish Pro when it is finished compiling.
(Author: Bruce R. Brown, January 20, 2003). (30K)

Tools - Windows Tray application that allows the user to create user defined tools
(Author: Bruce R. Brown, January 20, 2003). (23K)

Tutorial - An interactive tutorial that shows the user the various steps needed in order to create a JellyFish Pro PlugIn (Note: This plugin is also included in the full download of the JellyFish Pro PlugIn Author's Kit).
(Author: Bruce R. Brown, January 20, 2003). (23K)

VersionStamper - Insert on the second line of the active file a version number starting as 0.01. The version number is stored in a constant called $Version. If $Version exists 0.01 is added to it. Source code is provided.
(Author: Bert Mercier, February 9, 2003). (14K)

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