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JellyFB Editor - for FreeBASIC

JellyFB is a freeware editor specifically designed for FreeBASIC programmers working on the Microsoft Windows platform. With JellyFB your coding is easy, no fuss, and simple to use. Increase your productivity instantly!
Download: (1.5 meg) Version 2.50 (January 5, 2010) Includes FreeBASIC CHM Help file
JellyFB boasts an impressive list of features:

~ CodeTips that popup with language syntax (similar to IntelliSense™).
~ Utility to automatically create user-defined CodeTips.
~ F1 context sensitive help for the FreeBASIC compiler and Win32 API.
~ Fully customizable.
~ Popup Function List - display all subs/functions from the current active source file or from all open source files.
~ Split screens.
~ Preprocessor.
~ Bookmarks that are saved across sessions.
~ Syntax highlighting (Upper, Lower and Mixed case).
~ Project Management.
~ Auto-detect external modifications.  (great for working with external dialog designers).
~ Drag and drop editing.
~ True MDI interface or convenient "tabs" interface.
~ Column mode (activated by pressing "Ctrl" key and dragging with the mouse).
~ Block commenting of sections of code.
~ Block indenting of code.
~ Intellimouse support.
~ Optional line numbering.
~ and much more!

Please note that the JellyFB Editor is fully functional Freeware. Please read the License.txt file that is included in the download package.

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