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Author Topic: Project properties and 32 and 64 bit EXE names  (Read 365 times)

Paul Squires

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Project properties and 32 and 64 bit EXE names
« on: August 17, 2017, 08:01:37 PM »

Here is a little tip that can make working with your WinFBE projects a little easier. You can specify a compiler switch that specifically names your resulting EXE (or dll, etc). That switch is the "-x" switch. This is useful for designating a name for your 32 bit exe and also your 64 bit exe without then having to manually rename an exe.

See attached screenshot.

After setting the options, simply switch your compiler build option to one of the 32 bit options and the 32 bit exe name will be created, likewise, select any of the 64 bit build options and the 64 bit exe name will be created.
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