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Title: Some reports and wishes before i forget.
Post by: Elias Montoya on July 17, 2010, 01:54:48 AM

 First of, these reports are true but i have overworked firely. Maybe it requires extensive use to
see this behavior. Those software errors are the worst, and most difficult to track....

First, IDE still crashes sometimes then loading or closing big projects.

Option controls generate a FORMXX_OPTIONXX_BN_CLICKED notification message at creation. even if they were not clicked.

When you make lots of important and RISKY code pasting and croping and then you enter a comment like: 'this code is risky, lets not take it as final. Then you realize the code is too wrong, the UNDO capacity is enough only to undo typing the comment. I would like if it didnt remembered character by character and instead it would remember by modified line. Because having 20000 lines of code makes it very slow even in an i7 computer.

 Sometimes it is impossible to get the right click context menu in controls labels. (in design window)

 Sometimes it is impossible to left click controls to move them.   


that when inserting a command, it is filled with apropriate handles. For example:


Instead of:
FF_ComboBox_AddString( ByVal_hWndControl_As_Dword, ByVal_sText_As_String )

 When pressing F3 to search, i would like it to start from the current caret position, instead of the last position saved by the find dialog. Right now i have to open a find dialog to start from where i want.