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Title: DirectWrite
Post by: Paul Squires on September 13, 2019, 06:40:44 PM
Hi Jose, I am writing an application using your CWindow class (not using WinFBE visual designer) and I would like to use DirectWrite for the text/font display as I am pretty sure that it would look much better than GDI especially with the larger font sizes that I am using. I see that you have converted the include files for PB but have you attempted such a conversion for FB? Would this technology even be workable in FB? It is all COM based from I can see, right? Just asking the questions at this point as I wouldn't want you to expend time on this if it is a very big job.

Title: Re: DirectWrite
Post by: Josť Roca on September 14, 2019, 12:51:11 AM
I gave up with Direct2D many years ago because of its complexity. It is not a matter of translating an header of two, but it has dozens of dependencies: the whole Direct2D subsystem, part of Direct3D and the Windows Imaging Component among them.

All I did was to translate a couple of C++ examples with PowerBasic:

With FB, that code would be even harder to write unless the interfaces are wrapped with classes, but there are so many interfaces that it will require an enormous effort.
Title: Re: DirectWrite
Post by: Paul Squires on September 14, 2019, 08:26:10 AM
Thanks Jose! I appreciate the answers. I will stick with the traditional GDI and GDI+. At least I know most of that stuff.  :)