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Title: WinFBE Suite 2.0.6 (February 22, 2020)
Post by: Paul Squires on February 22, 2020, 09:58:54 PM
Version 2.0.6 (February 22, 2020)
- Added: Refresh method for the StatusBar Panel class so only a particular Panel is redrawn rather than the whole statusbar.
- Added: The WinFBE.ini config file is automatically reloaded should an external tool or program modify it (prior to this change it was only reloaded before to a compile).
- Added: Some missing codetips for StatusBar Panels and UpDown control.
- Changed: Image filenames are now stored in the form files as relative paths to the form file.
- Fixed: Crash in certain cases when attempting to invoke the "Open Templates" dialog (via the menu or dropdown toolbar button).
- Fixed: Changing StatusBar text at runtime did not immediately update the text displayed in the panel.
- Fixed: Listview would crash if Listview.BeginUpdate was followed by Listview.Items.Clear.
- Fixed: Frame controls could "disappear" if a modal dialog was shown during the Form's Load event.
- Fixed: MenuEditor crash if trying to Insert new item prior to first item in list (WinFBE64.exe).
- Fixed: ListBox ItemHeight not properly returned when multiple ListBoxes existed on a Form.
Title: Re: WinFBE Suite 2.0.6 (February 22, 2020)
Post by: Paul Squires on March 02, 2020, 08:47:01 AM
I spent a lot of time this past weekend working on the TreeView control. I am very happy with the progress so far but it is not complete or tested much at this point.

I will release the 2.0.7 update later tonight rather than hold up the release until the TreeView is complete.

Here is what I have for 2.0.7 so far:

- Added: Checks to detect multiple calls to the Application.Run function for visual designer projects. Warning shown on compile.
- Added: If Application.Run already exists in visual designer project then any newly created forms will have that call automatically commented out in the code editor.
- Added: New User Tool action option: "Invoke immediately after WinFBE starts". This will run (or show) the user tool immediately after the main WinFBE window is displayed.
- Added: For convenience added POINT variable to the e EventArgs. This is essentially the e.x and e.y window screen positions combined.
- Added: wfxPoint class now has Convert method to transform screen coordinates to client coordinates (instead of having to use MapWindowPoints api).
- Changed: The Explorer pane now uses FullRowSelect style for its TreeView.
- Fixed: Better setting of initial folder for Open / SaveAs when projects are active.
- Fixed: Smoother redrawing of Explorer treeview when large number of files are expanded or collapsed (much more pleasing visual experience).
- Fixed: ProgressBar drawing with Value property now better updates control visually (Windows issue with Themes).
- Fixed: Regression - somehow old corrupted wfbe project files for the Sample_Projects were included in the 2.0.4, 2.0.5 and 2.0.6 releases.