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Title: Rant about Windows 10
Post by: Bumblebee on August 10, 2020, 06:15:46 PM
My previous laptop died and my new laptop comes with Windows 10.
I find the new OS faster and more efficient in terms of resource use, but perhaps this is due to the laptop's superior hardware. It is a gaming laptop.

But my goodness, what has Microsoft done to the desktop themes?
No more colour gradients, no more 3D controls. No Aero-like designs. No choice.
Is this supposed to be a minimalist design strategy?
Frankly the GUI looks like shit, along with the programs I wrote in Windows 7.

The XP theme in FBE is a nice touch, but small consolation to what has been lost.

I swear, do you need a diagnosis of Asperger's to work at Microsoft?
This is a horrible company that should have been driven out of the OS market decades ago.
No creativity, no concept of allowing the customer to make choices for themselves.
They are like the old telephone monopolies, where you could get a phone in any colour you wanted, as long as that colour was black.

The only reason I use the Windows platform is gaming.
Serious, productive work can be handled by the various flavours of Linux.
As a power user, I bristle at the box they're forcing me into.
Open Shell, Explorer++, and Winaero have made the situation more tolerable, and for that I thank them.
For the dorks in Redmond, WA, I offer my middle finger.

You should always include a resource file that references a valid manifest.xml
Otherwise your application will not properly display Windows themed controls.

Hah, no worries there. That ship has sailed, never to be seen again...