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 on: March 28, 2021, 02:55:29 PM 
Started by jermy - Last post by Paul Squires
The Afx routine does the scaling based on the passed in position values. You would need to unscale those values prior to passing in the value because Afx will scale it up.

, _
pWindow->UnScaleX(hctl.rect.left), _
pWindow->UnScaleY(, _


 on: March 28, 2021, 11:05:11 AM 
Started by jermy - Last post by jermy
What is the reason that the button for both code examples ends up in a different location on the form?.
This piece of code sets the button in the correct location on the form.

Code: [Select]
            hCtle = CreateWindowEx(xStyle, "Button", cText, WS_CHILD  Or WS_VISIBLE  Or  WS_TABSTOP  Or  cStyle, _
                                                      hctl.rect.left, _                                                   '  // horizontal position
                                            , _                                                   '  // vertical position
                                                      hctl.rect.right - hctl.rect.left, _                           '  // window width
                                                      hctl.rect.bottom -, _                       '  // window height
                                                      hwndOwner, Cast(HMENU,id), _
                                                      GetModuleHandle(NULL), _

I would like to use AFX, but then my button location is no longer correct.
Code: [Select]
DIM pWindow AS CWindow PTR = AfxCWindowOwnerPtr(hwndOwner)
           hCtle =    pWindow->AddControl ( "Button", _                       
                                                   hwndOwner, _                                   
                                                   id, _                                           
                                                   cText, _                                   
                                                   hctl.rect.left, _                                                   ' // Horizontal position
                                         , _                                                   ' // Vertical position
                                                   hctl.rect.right - hctl.rect.left, _                        ' // Control width
                                                   hctl.rect.bottom -, _                    ' // Control height
                                                   WS_CHILD  Or WS_VISIBLE  Or  WS_TABSTOP  Or  cStyle, _                                   
                                                   xStyle, _                             
                                                   0, _                                 
                                                   Null, _                             
                                                   &HFFFFFFFF, _                           
                                                  Null  )                             

can I calculate the correct coordinates with a function?

 on: March 27, 2021, 08:30:31 PM 
Started by Paul Squires - Last post by Paul Squires
Thanks Jim, nice to see you again  :-)

 on: March 27, 2021, 08:16:57 PM 
Started by Paul Squires - Last post by James Klutho
Thank you for all your work.  I am back messing with Freebasic after a six month programming hiatus and appreciate your IDE.

 on: March 26, 2021, 02:35:15 PM 
Started by Paul Squires - Last post by Paul Squires
Version 2.2.0 (March 26, 2021)

- Previous upload for version 2.1.9 did not include GCC toolchain for 32-bit FBC. It is now included so you can use the -gen gcc compiler flag to create 32-bit programs.

Download from:

 on: March 26, 2021, 03:11:34 AM 
Started by Paul Squires - Last post by philbar
FWIW, because I got the same annoying warning the first time I ran the test version, this time I scanned the ZIP file with Windows Defender before expanding it. I got no warnings from running either WinFBE32 or WinFBE64. In the past, Windows used to produce a more subdued message saying something like, "While programs downloaded from the Internet may be useful, they may also contain harmful malware. Are you sure you want to run this?" I think that if you put a digital signature on the EXEs, the warnings would go away, but that's another level of complexity, and cost. I don't mind scanning downloads.

This brings up a question that probably has more to do with Windows Defender than WinFBE. Why does Defender think that has 169,000 files in it? (None harmful, of course.) I know there's only 6000+ files in the Suite folder, and I didn't notice that any of them were ZIPs containing a hundred thousand files.

 on: March 25, 2021, 01:33:02 PM 
Started by Paul Squires - Last post by SeaVipe
Hi Paul, I downloaded the zip file and set up WinFBE as per my usual new release routine. When I attempted to run WinFBE64.exe and WiFBE32.exe, I got the same warnings as before.
I renamed C:\WinFBE_Suite and attempted to download the setup exe file from GitHub. Chome gave me a "Not regularly downloaded error" I chose the "Keep" option and downloaded the file. The attached image is the result of running the setup program. I selected the "Run anyway" option and installed WinFBE successfully. This time when I attempted to run WinFBE64.exe and WiFBE32.exe, they both started normally.
My machine doesn't appear to like "Unknown Publisher".

 on: March 25, 2021, 11:43:52 AM 
Started by Paul Squires - Last post by Paul Squires
Version 2.1.9 (March 25, 2021)
- FreeBASIC Compiler v1.07.2 (with GCC 5.2). You can still use different backend toolchains via the SetCompilerPaths plugin.
- New Windows installer (winfbe_suite_setup.exe) create to help users who do not feel comfortable with standard compressed archive files. WinFBE is *not* designed to be installed into the Windows Program Files folder.
- Multiple find/replace selection highlights could occur if the user changed the active selection area after activating the Find/Replace dialog.
- Replace-dialog selection-highlight in code window out of sync with actual highlight (when 2nd+ selection performed).
- Find/Replace dialog active and pressing Ctrl+A to select all text in one of the find/replace textboxes would instead select all text in the current active code edit window.
- Split windows would not activate cold folding in both panes. Only one pane would respond to code folding margin margin clicks.
- SCEN_KILLFOCUS in WM_COMMAND was resetting the hWndActiveScintilla window to zero causing a situation whereby incorrect split pane could be used to display code from Sub/Functions selector combobox.
- Have noticed that with Code Folding enabled that file loading/parsing is somewhat slower. If you prefer faster document responsiveness maybe turn off the code folding option.
- Double periods ".." would appear within the default displayed filename in the 'Save As' dialog for new files being saved for the first time.
- Sample_Projects folder contained corrupted winfbe project files.

Visual Designer:
- MainMenu: MenuItem item in MenuItems collection would crash when retrieving text property value.
- TextBox: Removed the SelectionChanged event as that event is for RichEdit controls, not TextBoxes.
- Statusbar: Fixed not being able to fully delete the last remaining Statusbar Panel.
- Statusbar: Code generation error when Statusbar deleted from Form but Toolbar also exists.
- When an editable ToolBox property has focus, actions such as Select All and Cut would act on controls in the visual designer rather than on the text in the property itself.
- DateTimePicker: Within the visual designer now correctly displays the SelectedDate/SelectedTime. Code generation was always correct.
- ListBox: Corrected redraw/repaint issues of other controls on a Form when ListBox was empty.
- Image Manager: Form width is adjusted wider for non-English localizations.
- Image Manager: Filename edit button is now disabled if no valid image has been selected from the list of images.
- PictureBox: An invalid of empty image name will now clear any existing image from the control.
- Timer: Modified so that if the Interval property value is changed then the Timer will automatically get re-created with the new interval value

Download latest version from:

 on: March 25, 2021, 07:33:13 AM 
Started by Paul Squires - Last post by Paul Squires
Thanks, Paul! Only one minor detail when attempting to run WinFBE32 or WinFBE64 on my Windows 10 Pro machine...
That's odd. I've never seen that occur with WinFBE exe's before. Maybe because of the download fromt he internet, but then again, even the full WinFBE package contains exe's that are downloaded from the internet.

 on: March 24, 2021, 01:42:42 PM 
Started by Paul Squires - Last post by SeaVipe
Thanks, Paul! Only one minor detail when attempting to run WinFBE32 or WinFBE64 on my Windows 10 Pro machine...

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