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SiGrid -- WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE problem

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Jean-pierre Leroy:
Hi Paul

It works fine on both of my 98SE systems but still crashing FF on XP Home. I hoped it may have resolved itself after a cold reboot but the problem is still with me

Has anybody else with XP Home checked it out ??


Jean-pierre Leroy:

Just got FF 1.02 and its now working fine



Haakon Birkeland:
I have XP Pro
I made an error in em_update. The program compiled and no window appeared. went to the task manager to close the task and when I got back to the editor the arrow key stop working. Closed FF then it worked. The program I was trying to play with was with SI_grid.

This happened I think because I was trying to use DDT commands then realized that I can't mix commands

bert mercier


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