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Marty Francom:
   Would you consider adding a couple more categories to your forum structure?    I would like to see:

Code/Program Samples
Enhansement/New Features Requests

I think having these things in their own category would improve browsing in the forum.  And may induce forum members to contribute to these areas.

Paul Squires:
Thanks Marty,

I have added a couple of new forums. Any other changes, please let me know.

Paul Squires:
I have also enabled "Quick Reply" as a default as well. You can see the Quick Reply edit box beneath the post. It saves a bit of time by not having to hit the "Reply" button and load a separate page to type your reply in.

Saul Iraola:
There's no BUGS/PROBLEM REPORT section, how do you inform the developers about this?

Paul Squires:
Hi Ivan,

You can post any problem reports in the FireFly3 Technical Support forum. I will log them into my private bug tracking system and work on fixing them for future FireFly releases. If a bug is confirmed then I will post it along with a workaround (if there is one) in the Bugs/Workaround forum.

If you don't want to post the reports publically in these forums then you can open a Help Desk ticket (found in a link via the main private member's page


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