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Mark Strickland:
The Members Area login screen prompts for a serial number but after you are established you sign in with your password.  Maybe my serial number would work now but I have not tried it.  A bit confusing.

Paul Squires:
I think that you must be direct linking to the new forum or private members area, right? When you do that, you may be presented with the standard login form that the aMember software uses (it is a somewhat visually ugly form). I will try to modify that form so that it uses the Serial Number terminology rather than Password. I can see how that would be confusing.

Mark Strickland:
It happens to me when I go to then click the last link on the right on the "blue bar" menu that says "Members Area".  That goes to a screen that prompts for user and serial number.

Paul Squires:
Yes, that's right. That page is the main page that I had hoped that people would enter from because it is part of my main web site and it continues the "look and feel" from the website right through to the members area and then to the forum.

I am in the process of adding a "Remember Me" to that page.


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