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Paul Squires:
Here is the latest code that now incorporates all of the changes that Jose has made since I posted the previous source. Looking good especially the toolbar/rebar code which is now much more compact and uses png images instead of bitmaps.

Josť Roca:

If you are going to use for the hot imagelist the same icons that for the normal one, you can remove all the AfxGdipAddIconFromRes(hImageListHot ... and pass in the TB_SETHOTIMAGELIST message the same handle that for TB_SETIMAGELIST, i.e.

--- Code: ---SendMessageW hToolBar, TB_SETIMAGELIST, 0, Cast(LPARAM, hImageListNormal)
SendMessageW hToolBar, TB_SETDISABLEDIMAGELIST, 0, Cast(LPARAM, hImageListDisabled)
 SendMessageW hToolBar, TB_SETHOTIMAGELIST, 0, Cast(LPARAM, hImageListNormal)

--- End code ---

Paul Squires:
Ah, yes, I will definitely do this. No need to have the extra Hot imagelist at this point. I will reuse the existing normal list as the hot list.

James Fuller:
  Good start with WinFBE. The message crackers got me thinking of hacking the MessageCrackWizard:
To spit out Fb code but: Where is WM_NOTIFY in windowsx?

The wizard doesn't have it either???


Josť Roca:
> Where is WM_NOTIFY in windowsx?

It is not in, but in

--- Code: ---#define HANDLE_WM_NOTIFY(hwnd, wParam, lParam, fn) fn((hwnd), clng(wParam), cptr(NMHDR ptr, (lParam)))

--- End code ---

It needs to be there because of the use of the NMHDR structure.


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