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Paul Squires:
Hi Jose,

I am taking my first shot at adding the "Environment Options" dialog. I think I am having trouble with the child forms and the controls not having the font set. When I run the program, the controls show with the default system font. Any idea why?

Josť Roca:
I will check, step by step.

In the first place, I have needed to add a couple of CASTs.

Also, the program remained in memory, so I have added PostQuitMessage.

--- Code: ---' ========================================================================================
' Process WM_DESTROY message for window/dialog: frmOptions
' ========================================================================================
Function frmOptions_OnDestroy(HWnd As HWnd) As LRESULT
   Function = 0
End Function

--- End code ---

Paul Squires:
Oh, yes, I forgot that PostQuitMessage in order to get out of the message loop for the modal window. I have now added it. I will have a lot of time tomorrow to work on these forms so hopefully after tomorrow much of the environment options will be workable.

I don't think that you ported all of your control wrappers to FB, right? I used a couple of my FireFly Functions for things like the Treeview.

Paul Squires:
...I fixed those missing CAST's and missing Function values.

Josť Roca:
Don't know yet what its happening. If I made the options dialog a popup window, add a message pump and process the messages, and disable the parent, the controls are created as it should.


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