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WinFBE using CWindow #9


Paul Squires:
Source code and binaries are attached.

- Implemented a large amount of code to handle compiling. Only works with the 32-bit compiler because I haven't implemented the code to allow the switching of the compiler to the 64 bit version yet. I will add that code tomorrow.
- Changed TRUE to CTRUE for all Scintilla code calls.
- Added DPI ratio scaling to margin widths in clsDocument.ApplyProperties.
- Corrected code in the Scintilla notifications that was preventing the correct line/col position number from displaying when PgUp/PgDn or CtrlEnd/CtrlHome was pressed.
- Corrected code for positioning the frmTemplates popup window.

Josť Roca:
I will use AS WSTRING * MAX_PATH instead of AS WSTRING * 255.


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