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Paul Squires:
I have created a Git repository for the WinFBE project. All source code is now there. It now makes it easy for me to commit changes to source code and have it available immediately to anyone who is interested.

You will find a green button on that page called "Clone or download". Click that button and you will see an option to download the source in a zip file. This will get you the very latest source code and exe's.

For general stable releases you can find WinFBE releases at:

Also, a general project comment thread is active over on the FreeBASIC community forums:

Petrus Vorster:
The Rambo pic is much different from Einstein...LOL

Paul Squires:
hahaha! Yeah, I need to change that  :)

Eddy Van Esch:
I just recently found out about WinFBE (haven't tried it because I am not yet using FB ).
I was wondering how I should relate WinFBE  to FF for FB ...
Should I see WinFBE as a 'JellyFish for FB' ...?   :)

Kind regards

Paul Squires:
Yes for now WinFBE is like JellyFish for FB. I am building on WinFBE to eventually become FireFly for FB.


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