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Josť Roca:
I can't repeat it at will, but it has happened to me several times: When doing searches using Ctrl+F, sometimes the Find dialog does not appear and the editor no longer allows to edit text.

Josť Roca:
Check the code to save a file. Each time I save the code, a bunch of "Invalid parameter passed to a C runtime function" messages appear in DebugView.

Petrus Vorster:

--- Quote ---Yes for now WinFBE is like JellyFish for FB. I am building on WinFBE to eventually become FireFly for FB.
--- End quote ---

The combination of your work would be an awesome adventure in a new Firefly.
Although i am worried about the apparent decline in interest in the FB project over there, I would really like to see a new Firefly in 64bit.

I have played with .Net and its slow, creepy and no fun at all.
Too much stuff to drag along, to little enjoyment and zero fun for a hobbyist.

I hope you all push through and we have a great tool to last us a few more years!!!

Thanks for the efforts, it much appreciated.

Josť Roca:

When I click the "Comment Block" toolbar button, it REMs also the blank lines. I think that it should leave the blank lines unaltered.

Josť Roca:

Maybe you could check if, when compiling as GUI, if there are some incompatible console only FB statements and either switch to console compilation or display a warning and don't compile. SLEEP, for example, is very annoying because the application remains in memory and you have to kill it using the Task Manager.


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