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Paul Squires:
I am finding using Git with their Windows client is so incredibly easy. I have committed new files to the repository.

You will find a green button on that page called "Clone or download". Click that button and you will see an option to download the source in a zip file.

The latest code adds support for Localization. I have included the default "english.lang". To create a localization file for a particular language you simply need to copy the "english.lang" file to a new file, say, "french.lang" or "german.lang" and then go through the file changing the english text to the new language. Finally, in "Environment Options" select the new localization file and restart the editor.

Paul Squires:
I anticipate that I may have to increase the size of buttons and labels in order to handle the maximum size of some languages. I find that French is more verbose than English so controls will have to be a bit bigger.

José Roca:
All Latin languages are more verbose than English.

And German, with its very long compound nouns...

Mark Twain said the following about the length of German words:

“Some German words are so long that they have a perspective.”

José Roca:
I have done a Spanish translation. Will have to check how it looks visually and to choose and adequate place for the keyboard shortcuts (&).

Paul Squires:
Wow, thanks Jose, that will be the first translation and should serve as a good test of this new localization stuff.

Cool  :)


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