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Richard Kelly:
I went ahead and added encryption/decryption to the spooler class and updated the cCTSQLite_Script.txt to demonstrate/test. It only took about a dozen lines of code and now everything going back and forth between the client and server classes is encrypted.

Attachment updated.


Richard Kelly:
Recalling Paul's comments about keeping things simple, I'm looking to wrap things up in a straightforward way.

1. Adding functions to get, add, and release SQLite DB connection handles. You'll be responsible for opening connections.
2. Adding functions supporting database backups.
3. Adding a messaging subsystem of sorts fed to the main message pump window.
4. Adding functions for transmit and receive of spooler results files.
5. Adding functions for querying/updating database

Common Message UDT

--- Code: ---Type SQLITE_LOG

   LocalTime   as SystemTime
   Event       as uShort
   Severity    as uShort
   IPAddress   as String
   ErrorCode   as Long
   Message     as String

--- End code ---

The mail message pump will receive one of the following five messages. SQLITE_USER_MESSAGE is user generated, the others are created and posted by the server class.

--- Code: ---Private Const SQLITE_SERVER_UDP_BROADCAST   = WM_USER + 1000
Private Const SQLITE_SERVER_TCP_CONNECT     = WM_USER + 1001
Private Const SQLITE_SQL_ERROR_LOG          = WM_USER + 1002
Private Const SQLITE_SQL_TRACE              = WM_USER + 1003
Private Const SQLITE_USER_MESSAGE           = WM_USER + 1004

Private Const SQLITE_SEVERITY_INFO          = 1
Private Const SQLITE_SEVERITY_WARNING       = 2
Private Const SQLITE_SEVERITY_FAILURE       = 3

--- End code ---

The sequence and format of messages is left to the developer and can be whatever is needed. When a client connects, the server and client classes will authenticate and then the server will sit on a TCP receive waiting for marching orders.


Richard Kelly:
The basic server messaging framework has been added. It will continue to be fleshed out and shows you how the server class posts notifications of events. Although I am just pumping things out to the console window, in a gui server implementation, you could use a listview and color/icons for warnings and failure events.

Attachment in first message updated.


Paul Squires:
Hi Rick, just curious if you're still chugging along with this project? It shows a lot of promise. I see that the GitHub has not been updated in a while:

Along with Jim's grid and print preview code, a great FB sourced sqlite client/server would certainly help round out the tool belt.


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