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What Do You Think FireFly SDK for PowerBasic Open Source Code


Stephane Fonteyne:
Hi Paul,

It is possible for interested developers here to the program FireFly SDK Designer for Powerbasic, improving and expanding with new capabilities and features to the completely open source.

So all source code to release the application (bass, Inc., pbr/rc, pblib, sll, DLLs)
That would be an added value to your business and other developers that offer the product than under GNU licenses
Only for licences PowerBasic Developers

Kind regards

Paul Squires:
The FireFly Visual Designer will never be open source code.

Stephane Fonteyne:

Oke I understand that FireFly SDK Designer for PowerBasic but whynot support that with new updates and upgrades because the licences user have paid for this product and will support in the form of bug fixes, updates, upgrades.

Kind regards

Jean-pierre Leroy:
Hi Stephane, I use FireFly 3 with PowerBASIC since october 2009 (almost 9 years) without any particular issue; FireFly is very reliable. It's my favorite IDE and GUI designer, for Windows 32 bits applications. If you encounter any problem, please post-it in this forum; I'm pretty sure that Paul (or other FF users) will find a fix or a workaround for you  :)

Kind regards,


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