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CWebCtx and timeout on navigate

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Paul Squires:
Hi Jose,

I may not be using the control correctly so please forgive me if my understanding is wrong. I implemented the code into WinFBE and everything seemed to work well except that the first page loads would time out (returns a value of 1 indicating object failed to initialize until the timeout of 10 seconds). The second page load seemed to load after about 8 seconds or so. Subsequent pages loaded almost instantly until eventually I would click on another page to load and it would hang for a while again. Strange.

I ripped the code out of WinFBE and created a bare minimum test program in order to show you. Hopefully the same problem will show on your computer as well. The program is basically a Treeview that recursively loads HTML versions of all of your Markdown help files. Clicking on the Treeview nodes will load the name of the specified HTML file.

Can you shed some light on this? Should I be checking other properties of the browser control (busy state, initialization, etc).

(Code and exe attached in rar archive).


Josť Roca:
I suspect that it is caused by the antivirus software (in my case Windows Defender).

Paul Squires:

--- Quote from: Josť Roca on October 27, 2018, 12:10:37 PM ---I suspect that it is caused by the antivirus software (in my case Windows Defender).

--- End quote ---

I also only use Windows Defender. I turned off all virus protect (real time, cloud based, etc) and the problem was still there. I'll try a few other things to see if it makes any difference.

Josť Roca:
I don't know. If I save a web page, like this one, there is no delay.

Joerg Buckel:
Hello Paul
I can confirm the problem.
I am using Kaspersky Internet Security.  Whether I quit the software or have it active makes no difference to me.
I wait up to 17 seconds for the content to be displayed.


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