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Paul Squires:
Hi Jose,

When compiling WinFBE 64 bit I get a warning. I preserved the generated C code and tracked down the warning to the file. Specifically, to the function below.

--- Code: ---' ========================================================================================
' Acts as the factory method for any services exposed through an implementation of
' IServiceProvider.
' ========================================================================================
FUNCTION CAxHost_IServiceProvider.QueryService (BYVAL guidService AS const GUID const PTR, BYVAL riid AS const IID const PTR, BYVAL ppvObject AS ANY PTR PTR) AS HRESULT
   StringFromIID(guidService, CAST(LPOLESTR PTR, @pwsz))
   DIM s AS STRING : IF pwsz THEN s = *pwsz : CoTaskMemFree(pwsz)
   StringFromIID(riid, CAST(LPOLESTR PTR, @pwsz))
   DIM s2 AS STRING : IF pwsz THEN s2 = *pwsz : CoTaskMemFree(pwsz)
'   CAXH_DP("CAxHost_IServiceProvider QueryService SID = " & s & " - IID = " & s2)
   CAXH_DP("QueryService SID = " & s)
   CAXH_DP("QueryService IID = " & s2)
   ' // Handle SID_SInPlaceBrowser (needed to enable the filesystem object to navigate
   ' // in-place within the WebBrowser control when running on Windows 7+)
   IF IsEqualIID(@guidService, @SID_SInPlaceBrowser) THEN
      RETURN AfxAxHostQueryService(CAST(IUnknown PTR, m_pAxHost->m_pOcx), @SID_SShellBrowser, riid, @ppvObject)

--- End code ---

From the C code, the warning line appears to be this one:

   IF IsEqualIID(@guidService, @SID_SInPlaceBrowser) THEN

It appears that the parameters in this IsEqualIID macro are of different sizes and there is a potential of reading past allocated memory. I have attached a copy of the actual warning message. You might be in a better position to eliminate the warning or ensure that the warning is not harmful.

Josť Roca:
I'm not getting any warning compiling one of my web browser examples.

IID is an alias for GUID and it is defined as type IID as GUID in

Maybe a problem with "const" of a recent build of the compiler?

Paul Squires:
You may be right although I think that I haven't been using the very latest compilers with the Const changes. This is the command line I am using (only the -O 2 optimization is out of the ordinary).

fbc64 WinFBE.bas -x ..\WinFBE64.exe -O 2 WinFBE.rc -s gui

(Later: I removed the -O 2 and now it compiles without warning but the exe is 350K larger)

Josť Roca:
Even using -O 2, I don't get any error with my example. Which is the text of the warning?

Paul Squires:
The text is in the attachment in the first post of this thread.


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