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Je suis toujours en vie


Richard Kelly:
Between international and domestic travel and an employer that has been burning the oil with MS SQL Server and VB.NET, I have had to put FB aside for some months. With daylight on the horizon, I will resume work on my SQLite Client/Server. First I have to setup to compile the SQLite amalgamation to customize it for a server environment and work up a definition for the connection string I can use for pooling connections with SQLite static linked in.

It's exciting to see the progression on the new FB IDE. The 'A' team of Paul of Jose continue to blaze the path forward.


Paul Squires:
Hi Rick, welcome back! Looking forward to seeing you programming again with SQLite and FB. Anything that I can do to helo then just let me know. I envision your SQLite client/server as a good alternative/replacement for SQLItening in the long run.

Richard Kelly:
Thank you....Since I have MS Visual Studio, I was going to start with that for compiling the amalgamation, and, hopefully, that will be compatible with FB. It should be just standard object/lib files so...


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