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David Kenny:
You mention using Markup in a recent post.  Can you be more specific? It's too generic a term to get good search results. I did search the forum in case you mentioned it before. Only found two other hits in much older threads.



Paul Squires:
I am using (and Jose is also) GitHub Markdown syntax to create simple ascii text files for our Help. I then use Pandoc to convert the Markdown files to HTML and then display them in the embedded webbrowser in the help viewer.

Here is the GitHub Markdown syntax:

David Kenny:
You got me... 
--- Quote from: Paul Squires on November 07, 2018, 07:46:00 PM ---I should have the next update out as early as tomorrow. I just finished the documentation conversion to markup.
(Markup is sooooooo easy to use and it produces great looking documentation).

--- End quote ---

I only spent a few minutes searching for it.  Thanks for the info.


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