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Freebasic and C++ Dll's etc


Petrus Vorster:
Hi all

I haven't really worked with Freebasic and much is still running in PB.

For interest.
If i can obtain a C++ library or DLL for a specific function, can it be used in FREEBASIC is some way or another?
There is also a lot of .NET tools for the function i need, but i do not know if it could be used in FB.

I saw some writings earlier about .net here on the forum.

Paul Squires:
My understanding is that interfacing to C++ DLL's is problematic because FB and C++ object models are so dissimilar. If you can find a C version of the code/DLL then interfacing to FB is pretty easy. Jose has done some work with using FB and .Net together but I would argue that if you want to use .Net assemblies then you are probably just better off using a .Net language like C#.


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