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WinFBE Suite 1.8.5 (December 2, 2018)

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Paul Squires:
Version 1.8.5 (December 2, 2018)
- Added: Main Menu Editor and menu code generation for the visual designer.
- Added: Sort alphabetically the filenames in the Help Viewer treeview nodes.
- Changed: Removed Form property "ShowInTaskbar" as I could not implement reliable code to support it.
- Fixed: With AutoIndentation enabled, all entered ELSE/ELSEIF and CASE/CASE ELSE lines now line up correctly to their parent IF/THEN or SELECT CASE headers.
- Fixed: Help Viewer treeview height now matches the height of the embedded web browser.
- Fixed: Code introduced to help fix random situation whereby the screen cursor remains as a spinning wait icon after a failed compile attempt.

Joerg Buckel:
Hello Paul
....... many thanks for the new version. :-)
Just a small thing. There are English entries in the menu editor, that are not yet added to the language file and can be translated.

Otherwise I have updated the language file to the latest version.

Paul Squires:
Hi Joerg,

I have attached an updated English language file for you with the missing items. I have also modified WinFBE source code to ensure that it loads the correct translations for the Menu Editor. Can you update your file to add the additional strings from the attached English file?

I need to implement the Listview control. Once that is done then I can properly write the Language Editor which will make the whole process of updating and keeping the language files in sync much easier.

I will upload an updated WinFBE package soon once people get to try out the new menu features and discover any bugs, etc. I have also corrected a bug whereby ELSEIF blocks do not automatically lineup to previous block if AutoIndentation is enabled (I thought that I had it working but I guess not. The SELECT CASE works well though).

Joerg Buckel:
Hello Paul

..... The attached file contains the completed translation of the language file.

Thank you very much for your work.

Paul Squires:
Awesome thanks! I will include it in the next update.


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