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WinFBE Suite 1.8.6 (December 7, 2018)


Paul Squires:
Version 1.8.6 (December 7, 2018)
- Added: Localization file creation and editing. "Options" / "Environment Options" / "Localization".
- Added: Check to prevent duplicate menu names that would result in a compile time error.
- Changed: Removed the Environment option to specify the WinFBX chm help file. WinFBX help is now displayed using the markdown help browser.
- Fixed: With AutoIndentation enabled, ELSEIF will now line up correctly to the parent IF/THEN headers.
- Fixed: Background transparency of several Up/Down png graphics used within the editor.
- Fixed: GPF for new Forms created since version 1.8.5. This was a regression in 1.8.5.

Hi Paul,

In the menu editor the State: Checked checkbox, checkbox is disabled or covered by another control so to modify Check/UnCheck the CheckBox must be clicked on the right of the control not in the actual CheckBox itself. The label for "State:" might be partially on top of the CheckBox.

Thought you might want to check that out ;o)

Paul Squires:
I will check that out. I did increase the label sizes in order to allow for language translations that are longer than English. It could be that my calculations were off.

Paul Squires:
....yeah, it was waaaaaaaaaay too wide :-)


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