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WinFBE and multiple open Projects (Question)


Paul Squires:
WinFBE has the ability to have multiple projects open within the editor. You can see this in action when you open Projects and they appear in the Explorer treeview. The active project is the one with the checkbox checked.

I am considering removing the ability to have multiple projects open because the internal code is just overly complicated because of it. You can still open multiple copies of WinFBE if you need to work on more than one Project at once.

I want to ask if there is anyone here that uses the multiple open Project feature of WinFBE and would you be devastated if that feature was removed?

Hi Paul, Remove 'em. For me, if I open two projects, sometimes two files, it is often impossible to remove them individually. Either I've got things set up wrong, or it doesn't behave the way I would expect. If I close the first of two projects, it's still showing in the explorer, and then I can't access the other project until I add a form, or similar. At the moment it is too messy/complicated, at least for me.

James Fuller:
  I am not actively using WinFBE at present but in all my years of coding I have never opened multiple projects in any IDE that offers them.


Marc Pons:
I've never opened multiple projects on the same ide, if somebody need that feature ,
if you have already opened project, why not have a messagebox to propose to open  automaticaly a different session of winfbe with that second ( or more ) project?

it could be a suffisant work-arround for the very few occasions of tha need.



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