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WinFBE Suite 1.8.7 (December 9, 2018)

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Paul Squires:
Version 1.8.7 (December 9, 2018)
- Added: Click and Popup menu handlers are now created with a pre-populated SELECT CASE of menu item names.
- Added: DoubleClick on Form area will now toggle to the code editor.
- Changed: "Project", "Add Files to Project" no longer automatically shows the loaded files in the editor. 
- Fixed: Flickering of the statusbar message "Parsing: <filename>" when loading large projects.
- Fixed: Delay when exiting WinFBE when large projects are active.
- Fixed: 'State' label too wide and partially overlapped 'Checked' checkbox in Menu Editor.

Marc Pons:

just noticed your boundle is giving a relative old version of the compiler (from september 2018)
some small evolutions since that time on  v1.06  , thank's to coderjeff.


Thanks Paul!

A - wish list) Is it possible, or optional for the pre-populated SELECT CASE "NAME" to be created in original case? (And UCase(sender.Name) just sender.Name.) It could it be tied to Options/Environment Options/Code Editor/Case:? (As this is a one-time event perhaps it isn't even necessary.)
B - curious) Once the pre-populated Select Case is created, it must be manually modified to match changes made in the Menu Editor. I'm assuming that to make this any more automated would require a major rework or a new Menu Editor? I'm thinking of simple "additions" to the Select Case. When made in the editor, would require parsing what already exists and inserting Menu items accordingly. Or just adding it as the last Case and manually placing it in the correct order.
C - perator) Seperator ("-") is a Case selection: Case "MNUSEP1" which can't be selected.

Hi Paul, is there a way to pass a parameter to a form? I've searched the forum, but anything that I've been able to find is not relevant to WinFBE (in my view) and quite old (FF 2004).

I cannot find _compilelog.txt.


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