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Paul Squires:
Hi Josť,

I made some changes to your CImageCtx control that I'd like to share with you (please see attachment). I added code to handle a "hot" background color when the mouse is over the control. I also modified the image rendering code so that the background is always fully painted with either the normal or hot background color. This ensures that images that have transparent areas can show the correct background color. Of course, doing this introduced a degree of flickering so I also added code to double buffer the control rendering.

I am now using this control to replace the frmHotImageBtn control in the WinFBE source code.


Josť Roca:
Excellent. I have updated the Git repository and the documentation.

Paul Squires:
Thanks Josť,  :)

I have a feeling that this may not be possible because my initial research did not lead to anything substantive.... Can GDI+ display SVG vector images? It would be very cool if it could because then we could use vector graphics that will scale perfectly at various display resolutions rather than the pixelation we get with raster png, jpg, bmp, etc...  Have you done any work in this area?

Paul Squires:
One of the reasons I'm asking is because I now have the svg graphics for the find/replace dialog that the VSCode editor uses. I could convert them to png and use them that way but being able to use the svg directly would be better.

Josť Roca:
No, it is not supported.


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