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Hurdles when making the move from PowerBASIC to FreeBasic?


Eddy Van Esch:
Hi all,

For many of you, this subject is probably already past time.
So, short question, maybe longer answer:
When you made the transition from PowerBASIC to FreeBasic, what was (or where) the thing(s) that cost you the most time and effort to adjust?

Thanks for any feedback.

Kind regards

Paul Squires:
If I had to switch to FB now from PB the transition would be a hell of a lot easier because Jose has created the WinFBX library of code. Just look at all of the source code files in the \Afx include folder. That code alone saves hundreds of hours of coding. Similarly, Jose's CWSTR dynamic unicade string class is the #1 time saver in my code. Everything that I now write is unicode compliant and having a dynamic unicode string is invaluable.

Like every new language transition, the change is not always smooth. WinFBE is a good editor to help you move over to FB especially the WinFBE Suite which contains the compiler and all include files. I wish I had it when I switched.

On the coding side, there were only a couple of things that I found either cumbersome or needing a bit of getting used to:

1) The very strict typing especially when working with the Windows API. You have to use the correct pointer, handle, etc definition otherwise the compiler will throw warnings. You can't simply use a LONG or DWORD as a pointer variable. Get to know the CAST keyword... it will quickly become your friend.

2) Working with DLL's. Simply put, it is a pain in the ass compared to the ease of use in PB.

3) COM is a little harder but Jose has done a lot of work in this area and quite frankly I doubt that many PB'ers used COM enough anyway.

I find FB to be a highly competent language. It is fast and flexible. I am very happy with it.

Eddy Van Esch:
Yes, Josť too seems to have done a tremendous job .. again!
Thanks Josť !!

Kind regards


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