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Shawn Anderson:
I'm using FF v3.74 with PowerBasic

If I try to compile, it just ignores everything.
If I click "run", the it will run the last version of a successful compile.
It will not compile any of my projects, so I suspect FF and not code.
I tried deleting rc* and codegen* files and rebooting.

A video of what happens is here:

Paul Squires:
Maybe try loading your CODEGEN_*_MAIN.BAS into PBEdit and try to compile it. Does it compile?

Paul Squires:
Also, where is the compiler located? Is it on the same drive as FF? Maybe FF is not finding the compiler or the generated batch file that does the compile.

Shawn Anderson:
Everything is on the same drive.

If I open CODEGEN_*_MAIN.BASin PBEDIT it can't find any of Jose's include files...
for instance

--- Code: ---#INCLUDE ONCE ""   
--- End code ---

do I need to change all those to full paths or something? 

Shawn Anderson:
A while back I uninstalled FF version 3.5... I wonder if that removed something I needed?


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