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The planetary health diet

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Joerg Buckel:
Hello to All

According to a recent statistical survey I heard today, only about 26 percent of households in Germany still cook. The trend is downward.
Poor Germany.

When I was a lad, growing in a small almost coastal town, the only takeaways we had was a fish and chip shop. Fished locally, spuds grown locally, deep fried in lard. You had to walk to the fish and chip shop. Now (not in the same town) the global chains are there, and the independent takeaways - Chinese, Kebabs, Indians, Thai, etc. They all deliver. The other aspect is what you are actually eating. Beef injected with growth hormones and antibiotics, chickens - a chemical conversion from a day old chick to 42 days, 3.5 lb bird, the fancy demands for green beans decimating countrysides in Africa, never mind palm oil, etc. You think fish is OK, - never get Scottish salmon, farmed crap and that cheap catfish thing from Vietnam  - lethal if refrozen.
Even if you try and 'grow your own' it is more than a full time job.
The idea is to process food, you can make burghers from all of the cow. Chicken Kievs, -all the chicken - no food regulations to cover how much chicken. Fish cakes/fingers whatever is in those. Load it with fat and sugar and 'flavour enhancers' to camouflage the blahness and make folk happy, and get into bed with the pharmaceutical companies and sell diet plans, diabetic cures, etc. The whole thing is crazy, but not to the purveyors.
People are uneducated thes4e days wrt food. Need sell by dates. Don't know about raw and cooked food cross contamination. All the labour/time saving devices, and what do they do with the time they save?
Bit of a rant, but I expect I'll get over it XD

Best wishes,

Ray (who still hasn't got my head round the usb mouse thingy...

José Roca:
They are already planning to build houses without a kitchen.

One factor driving the gradual extinction of the kitchen is the explosion of food delivery apps. According to UBS, food delivery apps are now, on average, in the top 40 most downloaded apps in major markets. They’re particularly beloved by millennials, who are three times more likely to order takeaway than their parents. “As this generation matures, home cooking could fade away,” the report suggests.



I watch this thread and read it most days and can't help but notice how, for the most part, everyone is saying roughly the same thing: most of us simply don't eat properly.
I live in Kamloops, a city of barely one-hundred-thousand located in the "Interior" of British Columbia which is on the West coast about three-hundred kilometres North East of Vancouver, Canada.
Canada, perhaps the most sparsely populated country in the World. About thirty-five-million people spread over the second largest country on planet Earth. The area where I live is in Canada's only real desert (semi-arid) where there are rattlesnakes and tumbleweed well within the city limits. And this is cattle country where cattle roam gigantic ranges that have never seen fertilizer. Beef is cheap and lean cuts are cheaper.
The growing season here is (more or less) from April to October (sorry Paul!) and just about everything grows here, although citrus fruits need a greenhouse. I grow apples, peaches, cherries, apricots and two varieties of plums. Our garden always has raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and tomatoes plus whatever else we feel like planting in the spring – potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cellary, whatever. Our three (3) freezers and the cellar are always full of cans and jars from the seasons harvest so much so that we have plenty for the local food bank.
I was born in Uckfield, England just after the War and until moving to Canada in nineteen-fifty-six I ate fried bread, sausages and any other food my parents were able to get their hands on. My grandfather was a fishmonger so there was often fish on the dinner table and kippers (fish) for breakfast.
Once in Canada, I traded my English schoolboy shorts for jeans, my school uniform beany for a cowboy hat and fried bread and kippers for burgers, hot dogs and French fries – Heaven!
So now I’m older and wiser (?) and surrounded by so much inexpensive and nutritious food, why do I have lunch at least once a week at MacDonald’s or Burger King and breakfast once a week at Tim Hortons or Starbucks!? Simple: cheap, fast and oh’ so tasty.

On your very interesting point, José:
I'm a Realtor® (Estate Agent) and see lots of residential kitchens and in my little city the kitchens in new housing (see image) are getting so big that they rival in size small apartments so popular with millennials in down in rainy Vancouver. Maybe it's an age thing, the older you get the more you cook. My wife and I cook a lot and we always do our best to cook low salt, low fat, healthy. Eat your heart out, Jamie Oliver!

José Roca:
How America’s food giants swallowed the family farms

"Across the midwest, the rise of factory farming is destroying rural communities. And the massive corporations behind this devastation are now eyeing a post-Brexit UK market."

Very interesting article. See:


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