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Are you adventurous? WinFBE 1.8.8 draft is ready....

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Paul Squires:
I have a draft WinFBE 1.8.8 release posted on GitHub. If you are feeling adventurous and would like to download and try the suite then please do so. I would love to hear your feedback and especially any major bugs and/or annoyances. By far, the vast majority of changes relate to the code editor itself. The visual designer has not seen much love other than the initial addition of the Image Manager and a couple of image properties added to the Form and Button controls. When ready, this draft will be released as 1.9.0. Subsequent releases will then focus on the visual designer.

Good luck! (well, maybe I shouldn't wish "luck" because the draft is pretty stable - at least on my system).

Hi Paul, the link to GitHub in your previous post is still showing 1.8.7. Tried "Latest release", but maybe I'm not looking in the right place or the site hasn't updated yet...

Paul Squires:
Sorry, try again. This was my first time ever trying to post pre-release version. I guess the draft was only showing for me. I released the draft so it should there now.

Okay, that worked, thanks.

Joerg Buckel:
Hello Paul
I have three little things.

- The German translation is not completely displayed in IDC_FRMSNIPPETS_LABEL4. (
  If you change the value from 250 to 350, it fits.

So that you don't have to load and try the translation, I have already adapted the line for you. :-)

--- Quote ---pWindow->AddControl("LABEL", , IDC_FRMSNIPPETS_LABEL4, "(" & L(90, "Press TAB in code editor to activate") & ")"", 376, 77, 350, 20, _
--- End quote ---
- I fixed two errors in the translation. The corrected file is attached.
- You split project files into Main, Resource, Header, Modules and Normal.
I'm not sure what the difference in content is between modules and normal for you.
Maybe I have to adjust the translation in this point again.


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