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Are you still adventurous? WinFBE 1.8.8 draft #2 is ready....

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Paul Squires:

This will probably be the last draft before a formal release. This one fixes the Language Localization Editor for languages like Russian and Chinese. It also adds the PictureBox control for the visual designer and a few other minor fixes and tweaks I've noticed over the past couple of days.

Hi Paul,

I wrote this very long and detailed post describing how Resize functions are getting duplicated but when I posted it I got an error and Simple Machines wiped out the entire post so I'm not going to attempt writing it again. Sorry.

The duplicates only appear after clicking Build and Execute.

Please see the image.

Paul Squires:
Thanks Clive, I am investigating. I have noticed just noticed this after deleting the functions and moving to different form without saving and then compiling. I am just trying to pin down the sequence of events that leads to a duplication. I have also fixed a couple of other things whereby the list of functions in the Explorer tree was not being updated, and also the Files combobox in the editor was not being updated when the file name was changed. I will report back when I have made the changes.

Paul Squires:
I think I've found the culprit.... an additional flag that I had added to the program to signal to re-parse the document was not being set. I can't upload the exe's for you to test until later today.

Paul Squires:
Hi Clive,

I appreciate it, if you could try out the exe's in the attachment. Simply etxract them and overwrite your existing exe's. Please let me know if it helps to prevent that function duplication issue.


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