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WinFBE Suite 1.9.0 (January 22, 2019)

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Paul Squires:

Version 1.9.0 (January 22, 2019)
- Added: Goto Header file (.bi) (Ctrl+Shift+H). Option found in Search / Code Navigation.
- Added: Goto Code file (.bas, .inc) (Ctrl+Shift+C). Option found in Search / Code Navigation.
- Added: Goto Main file (.bas) (Ctrl+Shift+M). Option found in Search / Code Navigation.
- Added: Goto Resource file (.rc) (Ctrl+Shift+R). Option found in Search / Code Navigation.
- Added: Explorer treeview subnodes to hold Header, Resource, Main, Module, Normal files (for Projects only).
- Added: User Snippets (insert user defined code snippets).
- Added: Image Manager.
- Added: Image related properties for the Button control and Form.
- Added: PictureBox control.
- Added: A search textbox added to Function List (filters the function list based on the search term).
- Added: Creating a New Project will automatically add a default empty .bas main file (unsaved) to the project for convenience.
- Added: Environment Option to Check for update at startup (once per day).
- Added: Check for Updates added to Help menu.
- Added: Next Tab, Previous Tab, Close Tab to the Search menu (Tab Navigation submenu).
- Added: Next Function (Ctrl+PgDn), Previous Function (Ctrl+PgUp) to the Search menu.
- Added: New About form replaces the generic messagebox.
- Added: Pressing F6 or selecting "Sub/Function Definition" will open any #Include file on the current editing line.
- Added: Additional info outputted to "Compile Log File" in Output window (Full compiler command line, filesize, compile time, error/warning count).
- Added: "Open Templates... (Ctrl+T)" in the "File" menu. Previously, templates could only be accessed from the Toolbar.
- Added: Sub/Function Definition (F6) will now work on Sub/Functions that are part of TYPE classes.
- Changed: You must now hold down the SHIFT key to drag and drop tabs in the top tab control to reorder any open document tabs.
- Changed: Updated FreeBasic Compiler to November 22, 2018 Nightly Build.
- Changed: Lots of internal code refractoring. Many efficiencies found with regards to loading files/projects, saving, and displaying files. More internal code cleanup to occur in the next few future releases.
- Changed: Removed loading of multiple projects into WinFBE at the same time.
- Changed: When project is active, "Open File" will add file to project open it. "Add Files to Project" will only add the files to the Project but not display it.
- Changed: Removed the option to display the successful compile results dialog. Result will now only show in the statusbar.
- Changed: Any missing non-English translation phrases will now use the English phrase rather than nothing at all.
- Changed: Moved "User Tools" from Options menu to "Tools" menu.
- Changed: File Open file types now have *.inc included in "Code files". "FB Include files" change to "Header files".
- Changed: Moved Bookmark menu entries to "Bookmarks" submenu of the "Search" menu.
- Changed: Removed the "Save Declares File" menu option as it is obsolete.
- Changed: Updated Spanish language translation file by Josť Roca.
- Changed: Updated German language translation file by Joerg Buckel.
- Changed: Updated Chinese language translation file by ganlinlao.
- Fixed: Modified English.lang file to compress by 58 entries. Other language files will need to be slightly modified by their respective authors.
- Fixed: Some issues with right-click menu on #Include line to display "Open <include filename>" when a project is open.
- Fixed: F3/Shift+F3 Find/Find Next accelerator tweaked slightly to ensure previously selected text gets searched.
- Fixed: Parsing of multiline characters where both /' and '/ appear on the same line.
- Fixed: Infinite loop when responding "No" to reload a currently loaded file that has been modified outside of WinFBE.
- Fixed: The search option for 'Sub/Function Definition (F6)" was not correctly finding SUBS (Functions worked okay).
- Fixed: Localization language editor in Environment Options / Localization not allowing editing (incorrect logic).
- Fixed: Graceful creation of a default WinFBE.ini config file should it be missing or corrupted.
- Fixed: The "Wait" cursor now correctly and consistently shows when loading a project, compiling code, or loading many files.
- Fixed: Occasional problem of resizing/dragging of Explorer panel would not stop after left mouse buttonup action.
- Fixed: No longer allow Read Only files to be edited. Statusbar message shows "Read Only".

Thanks, Paul!
Just starting to work with 1.9.0 and noticed right away that the popup autocomplete has stopped working - although it was a bit finicky in some of the more recent releases. It usually works with sender. and e. but not a form name like frmMain. where the "." does nothing (in any form or module) or within a With/End With block.
I know this has been commented on in previous posts but I couldn't find them.

In the limited testing I've done, the autocomplete seems to work ok for me, but not tried all scenarios. Still can't get the build configuration options to perform as expected. Clive, wrt autocomplete problems, this works for me - form1.text2.text . What exactly doesn't work for you (I'm doing very basic basic)?

Paul Squires:
Also I forgot to add the auticomplete for the new PictureBox control. I will do a lot more work on the visual designer now that the code editor has been updated.

Hi Ray, Last night was an autocomplete mystery! I was working on a rather large FF3 project which was running simultaneously with WinFBE 1.9.0 and this code would not autocomplete:

--- Code: ---
Sub form_main_load()
    frmMain. '<-- dot
   'more code...

--- End code ---

This morning it does autocomplete.

I restarted everything this morning and so far it's working. However, I did begin the session by trying "sender dot" in a form's control function which worked and was already working so from that point on dot has worked as designed. Not sure if there is a connection or not. Maybe another restart was all that was needed.


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