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Paul Squires:
My goal for the next WinFBE update is a massive update to the visual designer portion of WinFBE. I'll use this thread to post the progress so you guys can express any opinions or features that you want (especially with the current already implemented controls).

Paul Squires:
I have modified the Label control to use SS_OWNERDRAW so that now we can position the Label text using the DrawText api via WM_DRAWITEM.

The new LabelAlignment options are now:

enum LabelAlignment
   MiddleCenter = 1
end enum

I have also implemented "BackColorHot" and "ForeColorHot" properties that will display the Label using different color if the mouse is over the control. I am using double buffering in WM_DRAWITEM to ensure that the Label is flicker free.

Paul Squires:
The ListBox control has been modified to be fixed ownerdraw. This allowed me to implement properties: ItemHeight, BackColorHot, ForeColorHot, BackColorSelected, ForeColorSelected. This makes the ListBox control look a lot more modern.

Paul Squires:
Update: I am working on the feature "SnapLines". It is more powerful than the old style snap to grid. You see such a feature in Visual Studio whereby you are moving your control and various alignment lines will appear as the control approaches a nearby control's top or bottom, left or right side. When within a hit zone the control will then snap to the snap line. The control will then only move from that snap position once the user tries to move the control outside the hit zone again. The logic is a little complicated but I have the bare bones of it working.

Paul Squires:
Update: I also have a draft form created for the StatusBar Editor. It is based on the one in FireFly.


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