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CPowerTime Class

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Josť Roca:
A new class, CPowerTime, to easily work with date and time calculations.


Wilko Verweij:
Thanks! Wilko

Paul Squires:
Awesome! Thanks so much.

Paul Squires:
I'm browsing through the class and thinking thoughts like, what if I have have a starting powertime and and ending powertime class how would I determine the difference between the two class instances. For example, let's say we want to profile a section of code or an algorithm. Maybe retrieve both using the GetFileTime property and do the difference calculation?

Josť Roca:
Yes. You can do:

--- Code: ---DIM cpt AS CPowerTime
DIM cpt2 AS CPowerTime
print "Press a key"
DIM nTime AS ULONGLONG = cpt2 - cpt
print nTime / CPowerTime_Millisecond
print nTime / CPowerTime_Second
print nTime

--- End code ---

BTW there are two methods in the PowerBasic PowerTime object that I already haven't implemented: DateDiff and TimeDiff. Not sure how to code them.


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