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Petrus Vorster:
Hi All

After many years I revisited a post I never used.
Basically, because at the time i didn't understand anything of what was being said & I felt too dumb to say so....

I came across a reply from JosŤ:

--- Quote ---I integrated Paul's class in my headers ( with minimal changes, such as changing the logic of the return value of the SendMail method, and documented it in the help file (WinApiHeaders.chm).
--- End quote ---

I thought i would give this a visit again, but is unable to find the .inc file nor the reference in the .chm file.

All i really need to achieve is NOT to send the email, but just like a MAILTO link that opens the default email client (99% chance of being MS Outlook), and insert the TO address and a topic. That is it.

I also checked out Paul's email class and it continues to give me "Outlook object cannot be created" error.

If anyone has a Quick and Dirty fix like last time with the button Issue, it would be greatly appreciated.

-Regards Peter

Ian Vincent:
Petrus, See attached (zipped) include.
If you open it and scroll all the way to the end, you will find an example of it's usage.


Petrus Vorster:
Thanks Ian.

I will look for a few examples here on the forum tonight.

Thanks for the file.



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