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Author Topic: message in command window  (Read 3045 times)


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Re: message in command window
« Reply #30 on: September 07, 2019, 04:26:55 PM »

Hi Paul, I need it to run when the main program is in the task bar. The main program runs 24/7, monitoring temperatures every ten seconds, and saving changes to hdd. Occasionally, a battery will go flat, or other error occur, perhaps three times a week, or so, the main program can detect that, and I want that to pop up a message box. The message box needs to be annoyingly on top of whatever else may be on the screen (think w10 update style...) What I am trying here is just a simulation, I don't want to mess with the main program, until I know it will be worth while making a change. Sometimes, there can be a stream of error messages at a rate of one every ten seconds, that is why an ordinary pop up won't do, too much clicking to close down.
My most recent simulation almost worked, except moving the message form stopped everything while it was being moved. I tried adding another thread, but couldn't get it to compile.
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