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App not starting in Windows 10.

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Brian Alvarez:

 Hello Paul and everyone,

 I created my IDE using Firefly 3.74 + PowerBASIC 10.4. I found an issue and i am not
experienced enough in WinFBE to convert my IDE to it.

 My IDE consists on around 100 forms...

 Basically My IDE does nothing in Windows 10. It doesnt show up or crash... it simply quits at
pWindow.CreateWindow(), no more execution after that statement and it dissapears
from the taskbar:

--- Code: ---    ' // Create the main window
    pWindow.CreateWindow( hWndParent, _
                          "PluriBASIC 6.0 IDE", _
                          0, 0, 870, 538, _
                          %WS_POPUP Or %WS_THICKFRAME Or %WS_CAPTION Or %WS_SYSMENU _
                                  Or %WS_MINIMIZEBOX Or %WS_MAXIMIZEBOX Or %WS_CLIPSIBLINGS _
                                  Or %WS_CLIPCHILDREN , _
                          %WS_EX_STATICEDGE Or %WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT _
                                  Or %WS_EX_LEFT Or %WS_EX_LTRREADING Or %WS_EX_RIGHTSCROLLBAR _
                                 , _
                          CodePtr( MAINFORM_FORMPROCEDURE ) )

    ' code never gets here...
--- End code ---

 I tracked all the messages it receives at MAINFORM_FORMPROCEDURE and the last one is WM_ACTIVATE,
then... everything just fades in silence.

 It works flawless in Windows 7 and older (havent tested windows 8, probably works fine as well), but in
windows 10 it presents this behavior. Running it in compatibility mode does not help at all. My main form
is called MAINFORM, and MAINFORM_WM_CREATE is never invoked.

 I imagine you are pretty busy but if you want to take a look, i can probably remove some of the copyrighted code
and share it, but maybe there are any suggestions before?

Pierre Bellisle:
What if you add the WS_VISIBLE style?

Brian Alvarez:

 It is set in the VD. It is strange it doesnt appear there, but the VD shows it is selected.
I am right now in the Win7 box, i will add it manually to the generated code later and
see what happens.

 However, i doubt the problem is that... because the IDE simply dissapears from the
task manager. Ill try though.

Paul Squires:
Kind of sounds like an api call that is GPF'ing. Maybe the call was more forgiving on Windows 7 but now Windows 10 is dumping the whole program.

Brian Alvarez:
Do you think the error could be in my code or in the pWindow's class?


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