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Author Topic: WinFBE - 2.0.0 - RichEdit  (Read 238 times)


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WinFBE - 2.0.0 - RichEdit
« on: December 12, 2019, 09:32:01 PM »

Hi Paul,
RichEdit Control: Adding a RichEdit control to a form, Text align is blank (image _19), attempt to modify this value and the down arrow appears but no dropdown (see image _19)
Click on the down arrow and 'TextAlignment.Left' will appear in the empty value box. Click on the narrow dropdown and the alignment text setting will disappear. If not corrected and left blank, an attempt to compile will result in compile 'error 99: No matching overloaded function, TEXTALIGN()'. The only way I was able to get rid of this error was to reset the value back to the only option - 'TextAlignment.Left' and recompile. Some diligence is required here as the value will disappear if the focus leaves the property box without first entering another property of the same control.
I stumbled upon this by accident as I wanted to display text only, centred in the control while waiting for an RTF file to load.
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Clive Richey
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Re: WinFBE - 2.0.0 - RichEdit
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2019, 08:11:51 AM »

Thanks Clive - right you are. The RichEdit was not generating a list of valid choices for the TextAlign property (like the TextBox control has). This is now fixed.
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