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Firefly version 2


Dennis Hoskins:

I have an old app done in firefly version 2.X. I only use it once a year and I have had no problems with it until this year (it has previously successfully handled leap years but not this time). I tried to open/import in Firefly 3.7 in order to debug and I get an invalid project message (see attached).

Is there a way to manually import it? It is not a complex project so I can easily recreate it if I need to.

Thanks and Happy New Year.


Paul Squires:
Sorry Dennis, there is no easy way to load FF2 projects into FF3. At the time, the change in file format was so severe that even a conversion program would have taken way too long to develop.

Dennis Hoskins:
Not a problem. As I said it is a small simple project, so I recreated the GUI and copied the code over. Found the problem in a Date include file I found on the Powerbasic forum some years ago.  All is now well.

Paul Squires:
Thanks Dennis - that's great news that you were able to port over the program and also find the source of the error.


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