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Started by Petrus Vorster, May 16, 2023, 03:12:37 PM

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Petrus Vorster

Hi Everyone

I had to dig real fast when a desperate person came asking for one of my old PB apps.

I am not so skilled in FB yet to quickly re-write this, so I will have to patch the PB appfor his needs.

I need to make a large memory array, holding a 12 character strings, up to 10 000 of them.
(may limit it to 9999)

Basically generate as much tracking numbers as the user want, calculate each check digit, enter it into a print queue, convert each on the fly to a barcode and output to (luckily) and indistrial barcode printer.

That should not be a problem in PB, would it? (the Array?)

-Regards, Peter


Eros Olmi

Up to some hundred millions items of 12 bytes you will not have any problem in PB (I suppose version 10.x)

Limit is imposed only by 32bit process, around 2GB.
You can add #OPTION LARGEMEM32 at the beginning of your main PB source to have another 1GB additional memory.

Petrus Vorster

Hi Eros

Turned out PB handled that array with the greatest of ease.
I have been bugging poor Paul over other PB issues as well.
The poor man had his kindness abused by me.

Do you still work in PB?
I cannot access my private emails from work, so I have no idea if Paul came up with a solution, but I was looking for a means to CENTER JUSTIFY TEXT on printing a label or receipt on a label printer where the PAPER size is CUSTOM.
80mm x 110MM.

I am still stuck to linear printing, and now that I have to output text and barcodes to the center of a label, I am all stuck.

I will move the project to FB soon, but the need for the old PB project was critical.

If you know how to do that, please share, then I can save poor Paul from my constant requests for help.

-Regards, Peter


Paul Squires

Lol, no worries Peter, I emailed you the xprint label centering code last night. Hopefully it helps you get your program completed. I don't mind helping... especially in cases where I think I can easily help.
Paul Squires
PlanetSquires Software
WinFBE Editor and Visual Designer