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Using the End statement causes problems with the IDE

Started by Michael Stefanik, August 10, 2023, 02:32:44 PM

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Michael Stefanik

Testing the latest version of WinFBE and I noticed that using the End statement seems to really confuse the editor. To test this, create a new GUI project with a single form and a single button. Add event handlers for FormReady and Button1_KeyPress, and in the FormReady handler, just add an End statement:

Function frmMain_FormReady( ByRef sender As wfxForm, ByRef e As EventArgs ) As LRESULT
    Function = 0
End Function

Function frmMain_Button1_KeyPress( ByRef sender As wfxButton, ByRef e As EventArgs ) As LRESULT
    Function = 0
End Function

The Explorer/Function List gets confused, and the IDE attempts to add back what (it thinks) are missing functions and the project can't compile because there's now duplicated function definitions.
Mike Stefanik