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Suggestions for project settings

Started by Michael Stefanik, August 10, 2023, 02:58:50 PM

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Michael Stefanik

A couple of things I think would be useful related to project settings:

1. Allow you to specify the build target for the project. Right now, build configurations are apparently global and determines how the project is built. Ideally a project could have multiple build configurations and you could select the active one from a dropdown list. So you could have a project with an x86 debug, x86 release, x64 debug and x64 release config. You could select the active config, or even say "build all configurations" at once rather than pressing F7, etc. I'm thinking of something similar to Visual Studio's solution configuration/platforms dropdown lists in the IDE.

2. Allow for expanding environment variables in the project options. That way, you could change the value of an environment variable to point to a different location without having to change hard-coded paths in the project itself.  Other IDEs (Visual Studio, RAD Studio, Lazarus, etc.) use $(EnvironmentVariable) but you could also use the %EnvironmentVariable% approach that's common with Windows.
Mike Stefanik

Paul Squires

Thanks Mike - I have been using Visual Studio a lot lately so i know exactly what you mean.
Paul Squires
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