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COM port communications

Started by Petrus Vorster, October 09, 2023, 06:00:19 AM

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Petrus Vorster

Hi All

If you have a COM port printer, that uses IPL or ZPL commands, how would you create a loop to intercept the return messages?

From my reading, it uses a standard open "COM1: etc etc" to set parity and send a string to the port.
It works in simple TEXT commands. e.g. "^L ^E Print 'HALLO'"
And another text command to end the label.

There will be a return message e.g. 1 = Done, 2 Error etc.

You need to SEND a message to the printer, then WAIT for the return message.
I have never worked with COM port commands before.

Also, I needs not to clash with anything in WinFBE.

Some pointers will be appreciated.