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WinFBE keeps crashing on one laptop.

Started by Robert Eaton, December 18, 2023, 10:20:50 PM

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Robert Eaton

This is interesting.
An older version, 2.2.0 works ok.


Having a problem with FBE but not with other applications is a mystery.

I'm curious. When you installed a new SSD, did you have to change the controller in the BIOS settings?
Or was your previous OS installed on an SSD, even though it was Windows 7?

My laptap is an Acer, btw. 8 gigs memory with a paging file limited to 8 gigs.
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Robert Eaton

So it seems any of the versions of 3.x.x crash while 2.2.0 runs ok.

The original drive was mechanical. No longer spins up so I wasn't able to recover anything.

I didn't change any BIOS setting when I put in the new drive. The only thing I see in the BIOS is the SATA mode, which is set to AHCI.


My laptop is using AHCI (I changed it from RST Optane so as to have the option of installing Linux).

If you start having issues with applications compiled with FreeBasic, that may be a clue as to what is going on.

Now that you've reported version 2.2.0 is working on that laptop, Paul might be able to track down the issue.
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