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Can you make a slider in WinFBE Designer

Started by chjmartin2, December 31, 2023, 05:11:35 PM

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Can one of these be made in WinFBE Designer?  Right now I am using a text box to input a value from 0 to 100.  It is a bit clumsy and would like something more elegant because you have to use the keyboard to change the value.  If we cannot make a slider, any idea on what I could make?




Hi Chris,

Some time back, I also needed a slider, and I got ambitious. Starting with the WinFBX templates that you can find in the WinFBE_Suite/Examples folder (really amazing amount of information there), I made an include file that you can add to your project to add sliders (trackbars). The idea is that you put a frame control on your form to mark where the slider will be and allocate a Slider Type that will occupy the space of the frame when you initialize it. There are properties to get and set the limits and the current value of the slider, and other stuff. If the frame is wider than it is high, you get a horizontal slider, and if it's higher than wide, you get a vertical slider.

Here's a sample project that uses it. I think there's enough comments in SLIDER.INC to get you started.