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Issue with the latest version 3.10

Started by Bumblebee, January 01, 2024, 09:36:07 PM

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Simplified version of code posted earlier.
Version 3.1.0 refuses to compile because of duplicated functions:

Failed Compile (Errors 2  Warnings 0  [2024-03-15  10:28:30])

Command Line:
C:\Excalibur\WinFBE_Suite\toolchains\FreeBASIC-1.10.0-winlibs-gcc-9.3.0\fbc32.exe -m "C:\Excalibur\Test folder\WINFBE_VD_MAIN.bas" -v -s console  -x "C:\Excalibur\Test folder\exo skeleton.exe"

FreeBASIC Compiler - Version 1.10.0 (2023-05-14), built for win32 (32bit)
Copyright (C) 2004-2023 The FreeBASIC development team.
target:       win32, 686, 32bit
backend:      gas
compiling:    C:\Excalibur\Test folder\WINFBE_VD_MAIN.bas -o C:\Excalibur\Test folder\WINFBE_VD_MAIN.asm (main module)
C:\Excalibur\Test folder\WINFBE_VD_MAIN.bas(175) error 4: Duplicated definition
C:\Excalibur\Test folder\WINFBE_VD_MAIN.bas(191) error 4: Duplicated definition

Duplicate functions get added to the end of the code. When I delete the duplicates, and try to compile, the functions are added again.
The bas module was created in version 2.2.0 without project management. So it is standalone and contains a form. The form was converted and displays properly in the version 3 GUI.
I have attached a zip of the test folder.
Failed pollinator.